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Licensed Daycare Center 

Riverdale, Bronx NY 

4 Employees

Over 13 years of experience, established relationships and expertise 

Ages 0-4 years old 

Parents are a child's protection. We make sure you feel confident that the protection still soars high when we are handed the responsibility of a piece of your heart. 


7-8 am: Drop off
8-9 am: Breakfast (provided by parents or Triple S depending on parents' preference)
9-11:30: activity time (nursery sing along, exercise, dance showdown, painting, alphabet and numbers sing along, playtime)

11:30-12:30: lunch (provided by parents of Triple S depending on parents' preference)

12:30-2:30: nap time

2:30-3:00: snack time

3:00-4:30: playtime, backyard & kiddie pool time during the summer days, story time during the colder months

4:30-6:00: wind down, pick up 

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